Convert Argentine Peso to Fijian Dollar
(ARS to FJD)

1 ARS = 0.05549 FJD

ARS - Argentine Peso

FJD - Fijian Dollar

FJD/ARS = 0.05549

Exchange Rates :12/19/2018 01:19:02

ARS Argentine Peso

Useful information relating to the Argentine Peso currency ARS
Region:South America
Sub-Unit:1 Peso = 100 centavo

The Argentine peso was originally established as the nuevo peso argentino or peso convertible, and the symbol used locally for it is $. To avoid confusion, Argentines frequently use US$, U$, U$S, or U$A to indicate U.S. dollars.

FJD Fijian Dollar

Useful information relating to the Fijian Dollar currency FJD
Sub-Unit:1 FJ$ = 100 cent

The dollar has been the currency of Fiji since 1969 and was also the currency between 1867 and 1873. It is normally abbreviated with the dollar sign $, or alternatively FJ$ to distinguish it from other dollar-denominated currencies. It is divided into 100 cents.

Historical Exchange Rates For Argentine Peso to Fijian Dollar

0.05160.05540.05910.06290.06670.0705Aug 21Sep 05Sep 20Oct 05Oct 20Nov 04Nov 19Dec 04
120-day exchange rate history for ARS to FJD

Quick Conversions from Argentine Peso to Fijian Dollar : 1 ARS = 0.05549 FJD

From ARS to FJD
$a 1 ARSFJ$ 0.06 FJD
$a 5 ARSFJ$ 0.28 FJD
$a 10 ARSFJ$ 0.55 FJD
$a 50 ARSFJ$ 2.77 FJD
$a 100 ARSFJ$ 5.55 FJD
$a 250 ARSFJ$ 13.87 FJD
$a 500 ARSFJ$ 27.74 FJD
$a 1,000 ARSFJ$ 55.49 FJD
$a 5,000 ARSFJ$ 277.43 FJD
$a 10,000 ARSFJ$ 554.85 FJD
$a 50,000 ARSFJ$ 2,774.25 FJD
$a 100,000 ARSFJ$ 5,548.50 FJD
$a 500,000 ARSFJ$ 27,742.51 FJD
$a 1,000,000 ARSFJ$ 55,485.02 FJD
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