Convert Saudi Riyal to Philippine Peso | SAR to PHP

Latest Exchange Rates: 1 Saudi Riyal = 11.9880 Philippine Peso

Convert Saudi Riyal to Philippine Peso | SAR to PHP
Exchange Rates: 11/22/2014 10:16:53
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SAR - Saudi Riyal *

Useful information relating to the Saudi Riyal currency SAR
Country:Saudi Arabia
Region:Middle East
Sub-Unit:1 riyal = 100 halala
*Pegged: 1 USD = 3.75000 SAR

The Saudi riyal has been the currency of Saudi Arabia since the country came in to being and was the currency of Hejaz before Saudi Arabia was created. In June 1986, the riyal was officially pegged to the US Dollar at a fixed exchange rate of 1 U.S. dollar = 3.75 riyals.

PHP - Philippine Peso

Useful information relating to the Philippine Peso currency PHP
Sub-Unit:1 Peso= 100 centavos

The Philippine peso derived from the Spanish silver coin Real de a Ocho or Spanish dollar, in wide circulation in the Americas and South-East Asia during the 17th and 18th centuries. The Philippine peso was introduced on May 1, 1852.

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1 SAR = 11.9880 PHP

Saudi RiyalPhilippine Peso

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Exchange Rate History For Converting Saudi Riyal (SAR) to Philippine Peso (PHP)

120-day exchange rate history for SAR to PHP
120-day exchange rate history for SAR to PHP

Exchange rate for converting Saudi Riyal to Philippine Peso : 1 SAR = 11.98798 PHP

From SAR to PHP
ر.س 1 SARP 11.99 PHP
ر.س 5 SARP 59.94 PHP
ر.س 10 SARP 119.88 PHP
ر.س 50 SARP 599.40 PHP
ر.س 100 SARP 1,198.80 PHP
ر.س 250 SARP 2,996.99 PHP
ر.س 500 SARP 5,993.99 PHP
ر.س 1,000 SARP 11,987.98 PHP
ر.س 5,000 SARP 59,939.90 PHP
ر.س 10,000 SARP 119,879.79 PHP
ر.س 50,000 SARP 599,398.97 PHP
ر.س 100,000 SARP 1,198,797.94 PHP
ر.س 500,000 SARP 5,993,989.70 PHP
ر.س 1,000,000 SARP 11,987,979.40 PHP
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