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Latest Exchange Rates: 1 Norwegian Krone = 0.118530 Euro

Convert Norwegian Krone to Euro | NOK to EUR
Exchange Rates: 11/23/2014 12:58:29
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NOK - Norwegian Krone

Useful information relating to the Norwegian Krone currency NOK
Sub-Unit:1 Krone = 100 ore

The krone was introduced in 1875, when Norway joined the Scandinavian Monetary Union. The coins and banknotes are distributed by the Central Bank of Norway.

EUR - Euro

Useful information relating to the Euro currency EUR
Sub-Unit:1 Euro = 100 cents

The Eurozone consists of Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Portugal, Slovenia, Slovakia, Estonia, Spain, Cyprus and Malta. The Euro was introduced in 2002.

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1 NOK = 0.118531 EUR

Norwegian KroneEuro

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Exchange Rate History For Converting Norwegian Krone (NOK) to Euro (EUR)

120-day exchange rate history for NOK to EUR
120-day exchange rate history for NOK to EUR

Exchange rate for converting Norwegian Krone to Euro : 1 NOK = 0.11853 EUR

From NOK to EUR
kr 1 NOK€ 0.12 EUR
kr 5 NOK€ 0.59 EUR
kr 10 NOK€ 1.19 EUR
kr 50 NOK€ 5.93 EUR
kr 100 NOK€ 11.85 EUR
kr 250 NOK€ 29.63 EUR
kr 500 NOK€ 59.27 EUR
kr 1,000 NOK€ 118.53 EUR
kr 5,000 NOK€ 592.66 EUR
kr 10,000 NOK€ 1,185.31 EUR
kr 50,000 NOK€ 5,926.57 EUR
kr 100,000 NOK€ 11,853.14 EUR
kr 500,000 NOK€ 59,265.70 EUR
kr 1,000,000 NOK€ 118,531.40 EUR
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