Convert Latvian Lats to Croatian Kuna | LVL to HRK

Latest Exchange Rates: 1 Latvian Lats = 10.6757 Croatian Kuna

Convert Latvian Lats to Croatian Kuna | LVL to HRK
Exchange Rates: 09/26/2016 06:56:55

LVL - Latvian Lats **

Useful information relating to the Latvian Lats currency LVL
Sub-Unit:1 Lat = 100 santims
*Pegged: 1 EUR = 0.70280 LVL

The Lat was the currency of Latvia until 31 December 2013. It was replaced by the euro as the official currency of Latvia on 1 January 2014 at the fixed exchange rate of 1 EUR = 0.702804 LVL.

HRK - Croatian Kuna

Useful information relating to the Croatian Kuna currency HRK
Sub-Unit:1 kn = 100 lipa

The kuna is the currency of Croatia since 1994 and it is subdivided into 100 lipa. The kuna is issued by the Croatian National Bank and the coins are minted by the Croatian Monetary Institute. The Kuna is expected to be replaced by the euro within two or three years after joining the European Union.

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1 LVL = 10.6757 HRK

Latvian LatsCroatian Kuna

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Exchange Rate History For Converting Latvian Lats (LVL) to Croatian Kuna (HRK)

120-day exchange rate history for LVL to HRK
120-day exchange rate history for LVL to HRK

Exchange rate for converting Latvian Lats to Croatian Kuna : 1 LVL = 10.67574 HRK

From LVL to HRK
Ls. 1 LVLkn 10.68 HRK
Ls. 5 LVLkn 53.38 HRK
Ls. 10 LVLkn 106.76 HRK
Ls. 50 LVLkn 533.79 HRK
Ls. 100 LVLkn 1,067.57 HRK
Ls. 250 LVLkn 2,668.93 HRK
Ls. 500 LVLkn 5,337.87 HRK
Ls. 1,000 LVLkn 10,675.74 HRK
Ls. 5,000 LVLkn 53,378.68 HRK
Ls. 10,000 LVLkn 106,757.36 HRK
Ls. 50,000 LVLkn 533,786.80 HRK
Ls. 100,000 LVLkn 1,067,573.61 HRK
Ls. 500,000 LVLkn 5,337,868.03 HRK
Ls. 1,000,000 LVLkn 10,675,736.05 HRK
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