Convert Kuwaiti Dinar to Indian Rupee | KWD to INR

Latest Exchange Rates: 1 Kuwaiti Dinar = 211.412 Indian Rupee

Convert Kuwaiti Dinar to Indian Rupee | KWD to INR
Exchange Rates: 10/23/2014 11:50:13
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KWD - Kuwaiti Dinar

Useful information relating to the Kuwaiti Dinar currency KWD
Region:Middle East
Sub-Unit:1 KWD = 1000 fils

The Kuwaiti dinar is the currency of Kuwait and is sub-divided into 1000 fils.The Kuwaiti dinar is pegged to an undisclosed weighted basket of international currencies. It is the world's highest-valued currency unit.

INR - Indian Rupee

Useful information relating to the Indian Rupee currency INR
Sub-Unit:1 Rupee = 100 paise

In different parts of India, the currency is known as the rupee, roopayi, rupaye, rubai or one of the other terms derived from the Sanskrit rupyakam. The most commonly used symbols for the rupee are Rs, Rp and रू.

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1 KWD = 211.412 INR

Kuwaiti DinarIndian Rupee

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Exchange Rate History For Converting Kuwaiti Dinar (KWD) to Indian Rupee (INR)

120-day exchange rate history for KWD to INR
120-day exchange rate history for KWD to INR

Exchange rate for converting Kuwaiti Dinar to Indian Rupee : 1 KWD = 211.41212 INR

From KWD to INR
د.ك 1 KWDRs 211.41 INR
د.ك 5 KWDRs 1,057.06 INR
د.ك 10 KWDRs 2,114.12 INR
د.ك 50 KWDRs 10,570.61 INR
د.ك 100 KWDRs 21,141.21 INR
د.ك 250 KWDRs 52,853.03 INR
د.ك 500 KWDRs 105,706.06 INR
د.ك 1,000 KWDRs 211,412.12 INR
د.ك 5,000 KWDRs 1,057,060.59 INR
د.ك 10,000 KWDRs 2,114,121.18 INR
د.ك 50,000 KWDRs 10,570,605.90 INR
د.ك 100,000 KWDRs 21,141,211.79 INR
د.ك 500,000 KWDRs 105,706,058.95 INR
د.ك 1,000,000 KWDRs 211,412,117.90 INR
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