Convert Guatemalan Quetzal to West African Franc | GTQ to XOF

Latest Exchange Rates: 1 Guatemalan Quetzal = 74.564 West African Franc

Convert Guatemalan Quetzal to West African Franc | GTQ to XOF
Exchange Rates: 05/06/2016 03:11:33
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GTQ - Guatemalan Quetzal

Useful information relating to the Guatemalan Quetzal currency GTQ
Region:North America
Sub-Unit:1 Q = 100 centavo

The quetzal (locally: keˈtsal) is the currency of Guatemala. It is named after the national bird of Guatemala, the Resplendent Quetzal. In ancient Mayan culture, the quetzal bird's tail feathers were used as currency. It is divided into 100 cents, called centavos in standard Spanish or lenes in Guatemalan slang. The plural can be either quetzales or quetzals.

XOF - West African Franc *

Useful information relating to the West African Franc currency XOF
Country:West Africa
Sub-Unit:1 CFA = 100 centime
*Pegged: 1 EUR = 655.95700 XOF

The West African CFA franc is the currency of eight independent states spanning over 3,500,000 km2 in West Africa: Benin, Burkina Faso, Côte d'Ivoire, Guinea-Bissau, Mali, Niger, Sénégal and Togo. In several central African states, the Central African CFA franc, which is of equal value to the West African CFA franc, is in circulation.

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1 GTQ = 74.564 XOF

Guatemalan QuetzalWest African Franc

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Exchange Rate History For Converting Guatemalan Quetzal (GTQ) to West African Franc (XOF)

120-day exchange rate history for GTQ to XOF
120-day exchange rate history for GTQ to XOF

Exchange rate for converting Guatemalan Quetzal to West African Franc : 1 GTQ = 74.56389 XOF

From GTQ to XOF
Q 1 GTQCFA 74.56 XOF
Q 5 GTQCFA 372.82 XOF
Q 10 GTQCFA 745.64 XOF
Q 50 GTQCFA 3,728.19 XOF
Q 100 GTQCFA 7,456.39 XOF
Q 250 GTQCFA 18,640.97 XOF
Q 500 GTQCFA 37,281.95 XOF
Q 1,000 GTQCFA 74,563.89 XOF
Q 5,000 GTQCFA 372,819.47 XOF
Q 10,000 GTQCFA 745,638.95 XOF
Q 50,000 GTQCFA 3,728,194.74 XOF
Q 100,000 GTQCFA 7,456,389.48 XOF
Q 500,000 GTQCFA 37,281,947.41 XOF
Q 1,000,000 GTQCFA 74,563,894.82 XOF
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