Convert Bulgarian Lev to Guatemalan Quetzal | BGN to GTQ

Latest Exchange Rates: 1 Bulgarian Lev = 4.1220 Guatemalan Quetzal

Convert Bulgarian Lev to Guatemalan Quetzal | BGN to GTQ
Exchange Rates: 12/01/2015 18:07:00
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BGN - Bulgarian Lev *

Useful information relating to the Bulgarian Lev currency BGN
Sub-Unit:1 лв = 100 stotinka
*Pegged: 1 EUR = 1.95583 BGN

The Lev (лев) is the currency of Bulgaria. It is divided in 100 stotinki (стотинки). In archaic Bulgarian the word lev meant lion. It is pegged to the Euro at a rate of 1 EUR = 1.95583 lev and it is speculated that Bulgaria, as a member of the European Union could adopt the Euro in 2015.

GTQ - Guatemalan Quetzal

Useful information relating to the Guatemalan Quetzal currency GTQ
Region:North America
Sub-Unit:1 Q = 100 centavo

The quetzal (locally: keˈtsal) is the currency of Guatemala. It is named after the national bird of Guatemala, the Resplendent Quetzal. In ancient Mayan culture, the quetzal bird's tail feathers were used as currency. It is divided into 100 cents, called centavos in standard Spanish or lenes in Guatemalan slang. The plural can be either quetzales or quetzals.

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1 BGN = 4.1220 GTQ

Bulgarian LevGuatemalan Quetzal

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Exchange Rate History For Converting Bulgarian Lev (BGN) to Guatemalan Quetzal (GTQ)

120-day exchange rate history for BGN to GTQ
120-day exchange rate history for BGN to GTQ

Exchange rate for converting Bulgarian Lev to Guatemalan Quetzal : 1 BGN = 4.12195 GTQ

From BGN to GTQ
лв 1 BGNQ 4.12 GTQ
лв 5 BGNQ 20.61 GTQ
лв 10 BGNQ 41.22 GTQ
лв 50 BGNQ 206.10 GTQ
лв 100 BGNQ 412.20 GTQ
лв 250 BGNQ 1,030.49 GTQ
лв 500 BGNQ 2,060.98 GTQ
лв 1,000 BGNQ 4,121.95 GTQ
лв 5,000 BGNQ 20,609.75 GTQ
лв 10,000 BGNQ 41,219.50 GTQ
лв 50,000 BGNQ 206,097.51 GTQ
лв 100,000 BGNQ 412,195.02 GTQ
лв 500,000 BGNQ 2,060,975.12 GTQ
лв 1,000,000 BGNQ 4,121,950.24 GTQ
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